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theflickyoucrew is a livejournal rating community. (AGAIN, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND: THIS IS A RATING COMMUNITY, ALRIGHT?) As such, its sole purpose is to judge one aspect of your multi-faceted (or cardboard-cutout, in some cases) personality.

The Flick You Crew aims to rate you according to your film palate.

Immediately upon joining, list your top 20 films (for non-anglophone movies, use the English title whenever possible, unless the original-language title is widely known—if you are still compelled to be a pretentious fucker, use both). Existing members will vote, and in some cases they will extend you a challenge ("list your top 5 ________ films", "explain why you chose __________ instead of ___________," "name your favorite pornstar", &c.). We do this because we're bored of the same lists showing up over and over, even if they aren't necessarily bad—and sometimes just because we're bored.

Applicants may appeal the fairness of a challenge to a moderator. If the challenge is uncontested, or reasserted by a moderator, it must be met before the applicant receives a stamp of approval (in the case that YESes are dominant in the votes).

You may not vote, and you may not comment under any thread other than the one generated by your list, provided you have one, IF you have not received an acceptance stamp. Most importantly, you must grasp the essential nature of a rating community (in other words: don't act as if you're better than us when you're trying to do what we do, and don't take this too seriously—keep your cool, 'cause in cyberspace only you can hear yourself cry), or else you will be cockslapped.

NO FONT QUEERING. This isn't Raygun Magazine, circa 1996. Because reading is fundamental, so is readability. (In other words, do not use the <font> tag, at all.)

mittenstein and lostcosmonaut are the executive officers in charge of cockslapping.

theenlightened, pivovision, cosmicserpent, and ohsnap are the associate cockslappers.

(Note: If every item in your list can be found in the AFI top 100, you will not only be banned, but you will go to hell as well, and you will pay for your sins in every plane of existence that is imaginable, and perhaps even in the unimaginable ones. Also: don't bother to post under a fake account; you and your list will be removed from existence immediately.)

Brought to you in association with 33_overs.
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